Promo Day for Whitney Houston’s ‘Sparkle’

One of our proudest days was when the Motown Marvels were used to help promote the video release of Whitney Houston’s final film, Sparkle. Sony Pictures held a day for various journalists from Digital Spy, Marie Claire and The Huffington Post to find out how to be a Motown Diva and we were tasked with teaching them how to sing and dance. We had so much fun. This video is the result!

1-minute Promo Trailer

We created this super quick promo video to give a very high level overview of Shola’s works. In it she speaks about her different acts and shows short clips of each. If you don’t have much time but would like to learn about Shola’s singing then here’s where to start!

You Can’t Hurry Love

Singing with Motown Band at Trentham Gardens Festival.

Young Hearts

Here’s Shola singing Young Hearts on a Mediterranean cruise.

Car wash – with live band

Singing with Motown band at Trentham Gardens Festival.

Motown Experience!

Singing with The Motown Experience at a corporate event in Malta. If you’d like to book this lineup, please email me.

Motown and Jazz Trio – Clips

This video presents some cuts from promo videos we did of our Motown-Jazz, or Mo-Jazz, trio. Shola was lucky enough to be joined by Pete Whittaker on Organ and Mike Connolly on drums. The video was recorded at The Loft at Toulouse Lautrec restaurant in London and filming was Dan Redding with an accompanying photo shoot from Rob Blackham.

We put the trio together because sometimes people are looking for jazz they can dance to and/or Motown that’s a bit more mellow so Mo-Jazz fulfills both purposes. Available for corporate settings, parties and weddings alike just drop us a line if you’d like to find out more!

Single Ladies

This was a funny one. Filmed at a huge corporate event at the Natural History Museum, Shola was asked to perform Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’. The crew hired a team of dancers to perform the now iconic dance routine but Shola was dressed up in a 60s wig and long silk dress. Not sure if the two looks went together but it was a fun night.

Dancing In The Streets

Shola performs her own version of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ “Dancing In The Street” in her own style. Line up includes Hammond Organ and Drums.

It’s The Same Old Song

Here’s a jazz-styled version of It’s The Same Old Song. Hope you enjoy!

You Can’t Hurry Love

Here Shola performs on the beach in Sunny Spain at a beautiful resort. She’s done many gigs all over the world and frequently travels to Marbella, Malaga, Mojacar and Alicante to perform.

I Will Survive

Here’s a clip of Shola performing on Iran’s Manoto TV network. She was called in to take part in a music show featuring different styles through the ages. Here with her trio she performs an unusual version of “I Will Survive” accompanied by Boyan on guitar and Oscar on percussion.

Baby Love

Here’s a clip of that famous Supremes’ song ‘Baby Love’. Shola performed this at a showcase on the south coast of England. Shola’s Diana Ross tribute can work as a single set of 60 minutes or she can also make it the first of 2x45s. In the second set, Shola performs her Motown tribute with songs by the Jacksons, Stevie Wonder and all the Motown greats.

Motown Clips – Solo

This video contains a segue of clips from two different solo gigs. One was held at a golf club to celebrate a Ruby Wedding Anniversary, the other was at a 5oth birthday celebration where everyone dressed up 60s/70s style. Sadly that blue dress is gone now but Shola has replaced it with other fetching outfits!